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Air humidification in agriculture
ID: i

Air humidification for production and storage of agricultural products

Current application
Fogging for mashrooms cultivation
ID: 72

Fogging for mashrooms cultivation

Maintaining air humidity at 95%

Similar applications
Air humidification in greenhouses
ID: 66 i

Optimal humidity and temperature for greenhouse crops

Air cooling in livestock facilities
ID: 70 i

Air cooling with simultaneous humidification in barns, pigsties

Air humidification in industrial incubators
ID: 179 i

Maintaining humidity when raising chickens

Maintaining humidity in granaries
ID: 178 i

Grain cooling at grain elevators and granaries

Air humidification in vegetable stores
ID: 177 i

Air humidification for refrigerating and freezing fresh fruits and vegetables

Maintaining humidity in coldstores
ID: 176 i

Maintaining humidity to prevent products from drying out

Air humidification in slaughterhouses
ID: 175 i

Reducing weight loss of freshly slaughtered carcasses during initial cooling

Fogging for mashrooms cultivation
ID: 72 i

Maintaining air humidity at 95%

Fogging for cuttings propagation
ID: 71 i

High humidity generating in greenhouses for rooting of cuttings

Air humidification in wine production and storage
ID: 198 i

Optimal humidity maintenance in wine cellars

Air humidification for tea production
ID: 185 i

Optimal conditions for tea fermentation

Products for the application

Air humidification for Greenhouse

Air humidification systems for greenhouses

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Artificial Fog for Agriculture

Artificial fog for agriculture and food processing

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Aritficial Fog Rental

Aritficial fog systems for short term or long term rental

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Fogging Systems Leasing

Fogging systems leasing for agricultural facilities

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Equipment to solve the task: Fogging for mashrooms cultivation

HII twin plunger liquid pump 5L-DD-30
ID: 91 i

5L-DD-30 liquid double plunger pump for adiabatic high pressure cooling

Artificial fog generator
ID: 139 i

Artificial fog for humidifying air at agricultural facilities, vegetable stores, warehouses.

Room climate control system
ID: 133 i

Air humidification system for specified indoor climate parameters maintaining

Fogging system for greenhouses
ID: 140 i

Fogging system for rooting cuttings in an artificial fog environment

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