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Higher-level applications
Humidification, fogging
ID: i

Agriculture, industry, microclimate in greenhouses, shops, premises, servers, data centers

Current application
Microclimate control
ID: 80

Microclimate control

Indoors, in greenhouses, winter gardens, exotariums

Task clarification
Microclimate control in interior and winter gardens
ID: 67 i

Humidity control during the winter time

ID: 198 i

ID: 195 i

Microclimate control for exotic flora and fauna
ID: 74 i

Artificial climate control for exotic flora and fauna

ID: 192 i

Microclimate control in office centers and shopping centers
ID: 76 i

Humidification through Central air conditioning systems

Microclimate control in concert halls and organ halls
ID: 75 i

For the safety of musical instruments, organs, furniture

Similar applications
Air humidification in agriculture
ID: 63 i

Air humidification for production and storage of agricultural products

Air humidification at industrial facilities
ID: 64 i

Air humidification and microclimate control at shops, warehouses, etc.

Air humidification in data centers and server rooms
ID: 68 i

Air humidity control in mining farms, blockchain centers, data centers, server rooms

Microclimate control
ID: 80 i

Indoors, in greenhouses, winter gardens, exotariums

Dry fountains, fog curtains, frightening fountains
ID: 65 i

For holidays, entertainment and recreation

Products for the application

Humidification and Cooling for Servers

Precise humidification with simultaneous cooling for server rooms, data centers, mining farms

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Microclimate Control Systems

Microclimate control systems for light industry

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Indoor Microclimate Control

Indoor microclimate control systems for cultural objects: libraries, theatres, concert halls, organ halls

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Indoor Air Humidification

Indoor air humidification systems for residential and office space

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Equipment to solve the task: Microclimate control

HII pump 5L-SD-90
ID: 81 i

Single acting high pressure pump 5L-SD-90 with double air drive for pressure range 30-70 MPa

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