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Higher-level applications
Air humidification at industrial facilities
ID: i

Air humidification and microclimate control at shops, warehouses, etc.

Current application
Air humidification for electronics manufacturing
ID: 186

Air humidification for electronics manufacturing

Electrostatic charge eliminating

Similar applications
Air humidification in clean rooms
ID: 187 i

Cooling, dust and electrostatic charge neutralization

Air humidification in workshops
ID: 69 i

humidity control and static charge decrease in winter

Air humidification for electronics manufacturing
ID: 186 i

Electrostatic charge eliminating

Air humidification for pyrotechnics and explosives production
ID: 189 i

For safe production and storage of pyrotechnics and explosives

Air humidification in tobacco production
ID: 190 i

Air humidification for tobacco storage and high quality cigarette production

Air humidification for glass industry
ID: 191 i

Cooling of workplaces, reduction of dustiness

Air humidification for the furniture industry
ID: 194 i

Maintaining optimum humidity of wood for processing and staining

Air humidification for car production
ID: 188 i

Air humidification for painting, sandblasting and engine testing

Maintaining humidity in paint booths
ID: 171 i

Keeping the humidity in the paint booths in the range of 40-60% during the winter period

Air humidification for printing industry
ID: 173 i

Maintenance of air humidity in printing plants, printing houses within 50-60%

Air humidification at textile mills
ID: 172 i

Moisture maintenance of yarn, reduction of static fabric tension, dust removal

Air humidification in paper and cardboard production
ID: 174 i

Preventing paper and cardboard from drying out and deforming

Air humidification for production of medical materials
ID: 183 i

Compliance with requirements while production of bandages, surgical threads

Air humidification for the production of construction materials
ID: 193 i

Optimal humidity maintenance for the production of concrete and ceramics

Pre-cooling of heat exchangers
ID: 199 i

Efficiency of air-cooled heat exchangers increase up to 40%

Air humidification for pharmaceutical drugs production
ID: 184 i

Moisture management in the production of tablet preparations

Products for the application

Industrial Air Humidification

Air humidification systems for industrial facilities

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Industrial Fogging Systems

Fogging Systems for industrial facilities humidification and cooling

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Misting Systems Rental

Misting systems long-term and short-term rental for industial facilities

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Misting Systems Leasing

Misting systems leasing for industial applications

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Equipment to solve the task: Air humidification for electronics manufacturing

HII liquid pump 5L-SD-20
ID: 78 i

HII 5L-SD-20 chemical pump for high-pressure feeding of chemically active, aggressive liquids, dosing, injecting. Specifications.

Micro-fog air humidification unit
ID: 134 i

Maintaining the specified humidity in server rooms, data centers, mining farms, as well as for humidifying the air in production processes

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